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Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. Accra in the Greater Accra Region, is by far the best city, the capital city is the hub of the country. Accra" usually refers to the Accra Metropolitan Area, which serves as the capital of Ghana. In common usage, however, the terms "Accra" and "City of Accra" are used interchangeably. The intersection of the Lafa stream and Mallam junction serves as the western border of Accra, the Great Hall of the University of Ghana forms Accra's northern border, while the Nautical College forms the eastern border. The Gulf of Guinea forms the southern border. In 2010, the Globalization and World Cities Research Network think tank designated Accra as a Gamma level world city, indicating a growing level of international influence and connectedness. Accra has popular seafront spots Labadi Beach and Kokrobite Beach offer golden sand and high-energy nightlife.

Country Ghana
City Accra
Population 1.594 million
Co-ordinates 5°33'N 0°12'W
Time Zone UTC+0(GMT )
Languages English, Twi, Ewe

Owing to its location in the Dahomey Gap, where the coast runs parallel to the prevailing moist monsoonal winds, Accra features a tropical savanna climate that borders on a hot semi-arid climate. The average annual rainfall is about 730 mm, which falls primarily during Ghana's two rainy seasons. The chief rainy season begins in April and ends in mid-July, whilst a weaker second rainy season occurs in October. The mean monthly temperature ranges from 25.9 °C (78.6 °F) in August (the coolest) to 29.6 °C (85.3 °F) in March (the hottest), with an annual average of 27.6 °C (81.7 °F). The "cooler" months tend to be more humid than the warmer months. As a result, during the warmer months and particularly during the windy harmattan season, the city experiences a breezy "dry heat" that feels less warm than the "cooler" but more humid rainy season.

Best Time to Travel:

The best time to visit Ghana is between November - March, when there is little to no rainfall and every part of the country is easily accessible. Between April and October, the weather in Ghana is rather wet, restricting the ability to travel. Many places might close down for the low-season as well.


  • Join the Party at Labadi Beach
  • Browse Contemporary Art at Artists Alliance Gallery
  • Explore Oxford Street's Global Restaurants
  • Soak Up the Atmosphere of Makola Market
  • Take a Tour of Historic Jamestown
  • Step Inside a Fantasy Coffin Workshop
  • Experience Accra's Soccer Fever
  • Discover the National Museum of Ghana
  • Visit the W.E.B Du Bois Memorial Center
  • Unwind in Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park


West Africans have music in their blood, so if you're planning a night out in Accra, you don't have to decide between conversations over a drink or dancing the night away. As the night grows older, every bar and lounge in the city can turn into a club. From stylish skyscraper rooftops to bustling street scenes, the capital of Ghana has it all

  • Toast over a local tipple at Kona
  • Kona Cafe & Grill is a good place to try local drinks, such as palm wine or asaana, which is made from caramelised corn. The wood pallet furniture is spread out all over the garden area and first floor bar. Kona is a nice place to relax during sunset, but if you stop by later in the night, the bar turns into a vibrant party spot flooded with loud music and energetic young Ghanaians.

  • Time-travel back to the ’70s at Clear Spice
  • It’s just a restaurant and office during the week, but come Friday night, Clear transforms into a disco straight out of the 1970s. It might only be a small dance floor with a disco ball, but this club is one of few places in Accra playing funk and soul music from back in the day. The crowd, Ghanaians in their 30s and 40s, dances all night in a relaxed trance.

  • Catch a live performance at +233
  • Hosting live local music under the stars almost every evening is the simple but successful idea behind +233 Jazz Bar & Grill. Although open-air stages are common in Accra, not many offer such refined lightning and speaker systems as what's at +233. Whether the musicians play their own repertoire or covers ranging from R&B to soul and obviously jazz, the crowd is always wowed with a top-quality music experience.

  • Discover a slice of Europe at Plotseven
  • Its high ceiling is reminiscent of an old factory, but it is one of the newest and most exclusive lounges and nightclubs in Accra. The Italian owners successfully brought some European chic to town, with slick interior design, impressive lighting and a range of fancy drinks, from well-mixed cocktails to sinfully expensive champagnes

  • Meet the father of hiplife at Rockstone’s Office
  • Internationally known rapper Reggie Rockstone, who grew up in Accra, invented a musical style called hiplife, a Ghanaian version of hip hop. Drop by Rockstone’s Office his three-in-one space consisting of Django Bar, Grand Papazz Club and the recently opened rooftop lounge. White leather sofas create a casual but elegant backdrop for funky tunes, proving that the industrious music legend has a flair for design too.

  • Take your pick of fun at Champs
  • Situated inside the Paloma Hotel complex, Champs Sports Bar & Grill is more than the name suggests. You can time your visit to watch a Champions League match on one of the many HD projectors and experience just how loudly and passionately Ghanaians support their team, but if you’re not much of a sports fan, stop by for weekly quiz, pool, karaoke and movie nights in the spacious, air-conditioned interior, as well as regular parties on Saturdays.

  • Feel the street vibes at Republic
  • Republic Bar & Grill is a long-time favorite among expats and young, creative Ghanaians. The small interior, with its red-painted walls full of vintage knick-knacks, is an underused gem because most patrons sit outside on the narrow street. It’s the perfect place to chill out, but potent drinks mixed with local spirits and the beats from live gigs, DJs and karaoke sessions mean you won’t be sitting still for long.

  • Get cultured at Alliance Française
  • If you want to see a famous African band in concert, a dance performance or a similar cultural event, check Alliance Française’s programme first. This is the cultural arm of the embassy of La Grande Nation, but the entertainment lineup extends far beyond French-speaking Africa. The events are well attended, and the amphitheatre is far enough away from the restaurant area of the compound to not disturb those eating some of the best pizzas in town.

    Royal Air Maroc Flights to Accra

    Royal Air Maroc UK offer cheap flights to Accra from London Heathrow six days a week. And five days a week you get flights from London Gatwick to Accra with special offers on Royal Air Maroc UK flights. Accra has been a major destination with millions of satisfied customers flying every year with Royal Air Maroc. Royal Air Maroc offers a baggage allowance of 2 bags of 23Kgs with checked baggage. Cheap flights to London from Accra are also offered with a competitive price. If you are looking to book for your loved ones to come to London from Accra and want to pay in the UK, our travel consultants are available to assist you with keeping your travel plans hassle free.

    Royal Air Maroc Flight Schedule of Accra (ACC)

    *For arrival and departure London Heathrow the terminal for Royal Air Maroc is always terminal 4.
    London Heathrow airport (LHR):
    Operating days: SUN, MON, TUE.WED THU, SAT (6days a week)
    Departing time from LHR: 5:10pm
    Arrival time at ACC: 2:30am
    Stopover in Casablanca (CMN):1hr 30 min
    Return flight
    Departing ACC: 5:00 am
    Arrival LHR: 3: 50 pm terminal 4
    Stopover in Casablanca (CMN): 2hrs 55 min
    London Gatwick (LGW):
    Operating days: Sun, Mon, Tue,Thu,Sat (5days a week)
    Departing LGW: 3:15
    Arrival ACC: 2:30 am
    Return flight
    Departing ACC: 5:00 am
    Arrival LGW: 2:25 pm
    Stopover in Casablanca (CMN): 1hr 30
    Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy
    Royal Air Maroc Economy class passengers are allowed 2 bags of 23Kgs + 1 hand carry of 10kilogramof hand luggage.