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Agadir is a major city in Morocco. Agadir is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Sus River flows into the ocean. It is 508 km south of Casablanca. It is the capital of the Agadir Ida-U-Tanan Prefecture.The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960; it has been completely rebuilt with mandatory seismic standards. It is now the largest seaside resort in Morocco, where foreign tourists and many residents are attracted by an unusually mild year-round climate. Since 2010 it has been well served by low-cost flights and a motorway from Tangier. The city attracts all walks of life; it has had an annual growth rate of over 6% per year in housing.

Country Morocco
City Agadir
Population 421,844
Co-ordinates 30°26′N 9°36′W
Time Zone UTC+1 (CET)
Official language Tashelhit Berber, Moroccan Arabic&French.

Agadir features a hot climate with warm summers and mild winters. The daytime temperature generally stays in the 20°C every day, with the winter highs typically reaching 20.4 °C or 68.7 °F in December and January. Rainfall is almost entirely confined to the winter.

Best Time to Travel:

The best time to visit is in spring or autumn when the weather has cooled to more enjoyable temperatures. Agadir is set beneath the Anti-Atlas Mountains, which helps cool down the region.


    The fine white sand that rims Agadir's shoreline makes it Morocco's most popular resort. For many visitors, a holiday here really is all about the beach. But if you want to mix up the sunbathing with some sightseeing, Agadir is a great base for excursions and day trips into south Morocco.
  • Beach Agadir is all about the beach. This is Morocco's prime resort, and holidaymakers from across Europe flock here throughout the year to top up their tans, particularly during winter when there are still blue skies and sunshine here. Boat trips out along the coast can be arranged here.
  • Kasbah The huge walls of the Kasbah are Agadir's only proper historic attraction. The ramparts are the sole survivor of what was once Agadir's fortified town built to defend this sea port against attack. The walls and the gateway are well-preserved, and their hillside position provides excellent panoramic views across Agadir and the Atlantic coastline below.
  • City Center The modern central core of Agadir has a few interesting monuments that make a nice diversion from sunbathing. The Grand Mosque is a modernist-style structure and very unique among Morocco's mosques. The Amazigh Museum displays some of Bert Flint's ethnographic collection, in conjunction with Marrakesh's Tiskiwin Museum, and is a good introduction to the culture and artistry of Morocco's Amazigh cultures.
  • Crocopark This newly-opened wildlife reserve, 14 kilometers east of Agadir, is home to Nile Crocodiles. Here, in this park dedicated to safeguarding the crocodiles, you can see and learn about these much-feared beasts up close, in an environment that has been carefully created to mimic their natural habitat. The park's gardens host a wide and varied range of flora.
  • Essaouira Essaouira is one of Morocco's loveliest seaside towns and has been stamped with a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing. Here, you can wander through the narrow streets admiring the complex carving details on the buildings. You come here for the atmosphere more than the sightseeing, but the Museum of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdullah is an attraction that is definitely worth checking out.
  • Taroudant The town of Taroudant is surrounded by the walls that provide impressive and historic sightseeing. Top of the things to do in town for most visitors are shopping opportunities within Taroudant's rambling souks. For those more interested in history, a stroll around the seven kilometers of mud-brick ramparts that enwrap the town, with their impressive defensive gates, is a major draw. Afterwards, within the town, head to the Kasbah district to explore the maze of alleyways.
  • Tafraoute Tafroute is the Moroccan mountain village and a heaven for walkers, hikers, climbers, and nature-lovers. This peaceful place is nearly impossibly photogenic, with is vast boulder landscape that never fails to impress. A visit here makes a great foil to bustling Agadir and allows you to capture a sense of rural Moroccan life. Don't miss the Gorges of Ait Mansour and the prehistoric rock art near Annameur.
  • Tiznit Tiznit is one of the best places in Morocco to purchase Berber jewelry, which makes a great and unique souvenir of your Moroccan travels. Located at the end of the Anti-Atlas mountain range, Tiznit is ringed by impressive fortifications that are actually quite young. Inside the walls, the old town is a labyrinth of dawdling lanes with plenty of souks selling Tiznit's traditional jewelry as well as other handicrafts.
  • Souss-Massa National Park This national park is prime birdwatching territory, with plenty of wildlife for keen spotters. The landscape is one of sand dunes, beaches, and wetlands along the Atlantic coast and stretching across 330 square kilometers. Some of the birds common to the national park include pink flamingos, ibis, ducks, doves, herons, cormorants, and sandgrouse. Most nature lovers though, come here specifically to try and spot a rare and endangered bald ibis, which is endemic here. The best period for bird spotting is spring and fall.


One of the best places for a night on the tiles in Morocco, Agadir has a good number of bars and discos to entertain visitors long into the small hours of the morning. Spend lazy days on the beach, hit the major sightseeing hotspots, and party hard on the dance floor or relax in a laid-back bar.

  • Le So Night Lounge
  • Located within the high-class Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, Le So Night Lounge is a lively place, with DJs and live music to get people in the partying mood.

  • English Pub
  • Popular with locals and tourists alike, the English Pub is busy every night of the week. It’s a top place to enjoy a British vibe in a Moroccan coastal city. Friendly members of staff, separate smoking and non-smoking areas, strong and tasty cocktails, a wide assortment of other drinks, a resident DJ and karaoke all combine for a fun evening out.

  • Camel’s
  • Situated right on the beach and promenade, Camel’s is a restaurant by day and a laid-back bar-cum-restaurant in the evenings. Local musicians provide live entertainment and you can enjoy great views of the ocean from indoor and outdoor seating.

  • O de L’Ha
  • The interiors of O de L’Ha are impressive, with traditional Moroccan designs, hanging metal lanterns, carved wood partitions, leather seating, and bright cushions. A wide assortment of drinks and you can also indulge in a quintessential experience: smoking a shisha pipe.

  • Zanzibar Lounge
  • Within the Hotel Riu Palace Tikida Agadir, the Zanzibar Lounge has an assortment of drinks to enjoy, and shisha pipes are also available. The atmosphere has a slightly edgy feel and the bar is open until 2am.

  • Jour et Nuit
  • Jour et Nuit is situated close to the sandy beach. Especially popular with younger crowds, the large al fresco terrace is a great place to chat, catch up over a few drinks, listen to the sounds of the ocean, and watch the world go by.

  • Le Blunt Restaurant Bar
  • Le Blunt is a comfortable, casual, and cozy place to spend a few evening hours. The interior boasts a beautiful dome while there’s also a large patio with seating outside.

  • Bar Fly
  • A beautiful and relaxed bar within the 4-star Hôtel Royal Decameron Tafoukt Beach Resort, Bar Fly features live entertainment and karaoke on most nights of the week. Traditional Berber carpets cover the floors and floating fabrics hang sensuously from the ceilings.

  • Le Mauresque Lounge
  • Le Mauresque Lounge is open until midnight each night. Calm, relaxed, and welcoming, Le Mauresque Lounge is more of a place for unwinding than for getting ready for a wild night out. Sip a glass of wine, a cocktail, beer, or mixed drink and enjoy the music.

  • Jockey Bar
  • A trendy bar with a youthful vibe, Jockey Bar is a cool hideaway that mainly attracts a local crowd. Catering to different personalities and moods, visitors can enjoy drinking, dancing, relaxing, and chatting, with indoor and outdoor seating areas, plus a dance floor, available. There’s often live music and bands regularly play traditional Moroccan genres, including the hypnotic gnawa music.

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    Royal Air Maroc Flight Schedule of Agadir (AGA)

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    London Gatwick (LGW):
    Operating Days: 7days a week
    Departure LGW: 03:15pm
    Arrival AGA: 10:40pm
    Stopover in Casablanca (CMN): 2hr 5mins
    Return Flight
    Departure AGA: 9:50am
    Arrival LGW: 2:25pm
    Stopover in Casablanca (CMN): 1hr 15mins
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    Royal Air Maroc Economy class passengers are allowed 2 bags of 23Kgs + 1 hand carry of 10kilogramof hand luggage.