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Conakry or Konakry is the capital and largest city of Guinea, a resource-rich but poorly developed nation in West Africa. A port on the Atlantic Ocean, Conakry is a crowded city, with multiple stalls selling bread, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, wrought iron work, or clothing. Conakry is the nation’s educational center. There are also teacher-training, vocational, nursing, midwifery, and military schools. Conakry’s museum, library, and national archives were established in 1960; its botanical garden at Camayenne was founded by the French. Prominent structures in the city include the National Assembly building, the sports stadium (Stade du 28-Septembre), the monument to anticolonial martyrs, the central mosque, and the Roman Catholic cathedral. There are several distinct quarters, including the Centre, Boulbinet and Administrative sections.

Country Guinea
City Conakry
Population 1.661 million
Co-ordinates 9°31′N 13°42′W
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Official language Susu, Pular, Maninka, Kissi, Guerzé, French and Toma

According to Köppen climate classification, Conakr. Conakry features a wet season and a dry season. Like a good portion of West Africa, Conakry's dry season is influenced by the harmattan wind between December and April. As a result, relatively little precipitation falls in the city during these months. Unlike much of West Africa, Conakry's wet season sees an extraordinary amount of precipitation, averaging more than 1,100 mm both in July and August. As a result, Conakry averages nearly 3,800 mm (149 in.) of precipitation per year.

Best Time to Travel:

The best time to visit is November and December, after the rains and before the dusty harmattan winds, though the Fouta Djalon is at its greenest and best during the rainy season. April is very hot everywhere and is not a pleasant month to travel in Guinea.


  • Guinea National Museum
  • Several markets
  • Tombo Island
  • Soumba
  • Kakoulima
  • Le Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen
  • Cathedrale Sante Marie
  • Île Kassa
  • Petit Musée
  • The Guinea Palais du Peuple
  • Conakry Grand Mosque
  • Iles de Los
  • Botanical garden


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