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Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal. A port city located on the Cap-Vert peninsula on the Atlantic coast and is the westernmost city on the African mainland. Dakar is home to multiple national and regional banks as well as numerous international organizations. Dakar is known for its beautiful natural setting and high quality of life. It is also known for its safety, compared to other African cities. Culture is a priority for the city of Dakar. One of the centers of cultural activity in Dakar is the Village des Arts, an artistic cluster supported by the Ministry of Culture, Dak’Art is the longest-standing Bienniale in Africa. Festivals held in Dakar include RIBIDION, a festival of contemporary and urban arts organized by the city every December; FANAL, a festival of traditions, intended to preserve the city’s intangible heritage; Festi Graff, Africa’s leading graffiti festival, which draws upon Dakar’s rich street art scene; and the Senegal International Film Festival. Dakar has a strong film history. Dakar is one of the cultural capitals of Africa, with a rich and cosmopolitan cultural inheritance shaped by the influence of Senegal’s first President. Though it faces challenges, such as infrastructure and migration, it is committed to using culture to strengthen the life and image of the city.

Country Senegal
City Dakar
Population 2.45 million
Co-ordinates 14°41′34″N 17°26′48″W
Time Zone UTC+0 (GMT)
Official language French,WolofPulaar,Serer, Mandinka/Bambara, Joola, and Soninke

The Dakarois climate is generally warm. Dakar has a hot semi-arid climate, with a short rainy season and a lengthy dry season. Dakar’s rainy season lasts from July to October while the dry season covers the remaining eight months. The city sees approximately 495 mm (19.5 in) of precipitation per year. Dakar between December and May is usually pleasantly warm with daily temperatures around 24–27 °C (75–81 °F). Nights during this time of the year are comfortable, some 17–20 °C (63–68 °F). However, between May and November the city becomes decidedly warmer with daily highs reaching 29–31 °C (84–88 °F) and night lows a little bit above 23–24 °C (73–75 °F).. Dakar is cooled year-round by sea breezes.

Best Time to Travel:

The best time to visit Senegal is Nov-Mar, when the desert regions can be surprisingly cool at night. During this period, the drier north around Dakar hovers around 26°C, and the low 30s in the lusher south.


  • Catch some of Africa’s most consistent waves
  • Unwind on the beaches of Ngor Island
  • Gaze down on Dakar’s rooftops from the largest statue in Africa
  • Float on your back in a pink lake
  • Tuck into traditional Senegalese fare
  • Get swept away by a feast of African art
  • Scout out bargains in a local market
  • Get a boat out to Ile Gorée
  • Soak in the beauty of the mosques and churches
  • Town hop down the Petite Côte
  • Guinea National Museum
  • several markets
  • Tombo Island
  • Soumba
  • Kakoulima
  • Le Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen
  • Cathedrale Sante Marie
  • Île Kassa
  • Petit Musée
  • The Guinea Palais du Peuple
  • Conakry Grand Mosque
  • Iles de Los
  • Botanical garden


Dakar is the thriving coastal capital of Senegal with a bar scene to match. From the hustle and bustle of downtown Plateau to the hidden inlets of Almadies’ Petite Corniche, Dakar’s bars come in all shapes and sizes. Here are nine of the hippest hangouts on the Cap-Vert Peninsula.

  • Bayékou
  • This very chic place is in a league of its own, subtly styled in polished wood, soft fabrics, spotlighting and handmade furniture. And with a great sound system and good resident and visiting DJs to boot it's gotBayékou is fast becoming a Dakar institution. A stone’s throw from Ngor Beach in the north of Dakar, Bayékou’s classy, open-sided roof terrace is the go-to place for expats on a Friday night. Blending a heady mix of stylish decking, cosy alcoves and West African décor with well-mixed cocktails, eclectic beats and an ‘anything goes’ vibe, it’s not hard to see why. The kitchen also dishes out excellent Mediterranean-inspired fare for both lunch and dinner, while special events, such as live music evenings and fashion shows, are scattered across the calendar.

  • Phare des Mamelles
  • Like a bar with a view? Well, Le Phare will be right up your street. Nestled on top of one of Dakar’s Mamelles (‘breasts’ in French), two hills on the city’s western corniche, this stylish restaurant-bar at the base of a 19th-century lighthouse boasts some of the best views of the city’s coastline. A shuttle service ferries you from the bottom of the hill to a swanky open-air veranda hosting a wide program of events, such as Deep House Thursdays, Live Music Fridays, Club Saturdays and Brunch Club Sundays.

  • Relax Beach
  • Recently renovated, Relax Beach is staking a claim to be the go-to ‘late bar’ for expats on the weekend, which in Dakar also includes Thursday nights. This tiered bar on Almadies’ Petite Corniche comprises three floors like giant steps down to the sea, with a seating area, dance floor, and private beach.

  • Chez Max
  • On the beach? Check. Hammocks and swings? Check. A boat transformed into a bar? Check. Chez Max is one of Dakar’s worst-kept secrets. Hidden away on the tiny Plage de Mamelles, this is the beach-bar from heaven, Dakar-style. Think car seats wedged into the sand, drift wood tables, shell sculptures, and handmade masks made from recycled plastic. Reggae beats mellow out the speakers to add to the laid-back atmosphere that is personified by Max himself.

  • Khorbi
  • Khorbi may not have a beach or a rooftop, but it more than makes up for it with its sprawling enclosed courtyard, filled with palm trees and fairy lights. In the heart of Fann Hock, Khorbi can easily be missed from its indiscernible exterior, but the inside is anything but. A rowdy bar jam-packed with a clientele from across the African continent, Khorbi is one of the best value places to drink and eat in large quantities. Dibi (Senegalese BBQ) can be ordered by the kilo, and beers are served in hefty 660ml bottles. If there is football on, you can rest assured that Khorbi will be playing it on its two large projector screens.

  • Patio
  • Plum centre of the Ngor strip, Patio has something of a mercurial reputation: an excellent dining spot gradually transforms into a lively bar, which then evolves into a pulsating late-night party with its own nightclub. As the night wears on, men shouldn’t be surprised if they become a little more popular than usual.

  • Secret Spot
  • Despite its name, Secret Spot is not secret at all. Nestled above a small stretch of beach on the Petite Corniche, this Dakar stalwart even comes up on Google Maps. Named after the surf spot it overlooks, this chilled beachside bar is the hangout of choice for Senegal’s surf community. Especially vibrant in the late afternoon, the bar also serves up mean foot-long baguettes and some of the best-priced beers in town.

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