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Royal Ethiopian Airlines: Two men say they missed crashed flight

Two lucky men escaped death in the doomed Ethiopian plane after missing their flight, which was from Addis Ababa to Nairobi Dubai resident Ahmad Khalid missed his connecting flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi due to a delay of his flight from Dubai to Ethiopia. Khalid’s father heard that the plane crashed while waiting for his son at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.Khalid reunited with his father in Kenya later on Sunday. Another Greek man said he would have been the 150th passenger on the Nairobi-bound Ethiopian Airlines Boeing plane that crashed killing all on board, except he arrived two minutes late for the flight. “I was mad because nobody helped me to reach the gate on time,” Antonis Mavropoulos said in a Facebook post entitled “My lucky day” in which he includes a photo of his ticket. Mavropoulos, president of the International Solid Waste Association, a non-profit organization, was travelling to Nairobi to attend the annual assembly of the UN Environment Program, according to Athens News Agency.He was supposed to board the plane but he reached the departure gate just two minutes after it was closed.  “They led me to the police station of the airport. The officer told me not to protest but to pray to God because I was the only passenger that didn’t board the ET 302 flight that was lost,” Mavropoulos said in his post in which he admits being in shock. The airport authorities explained that they wanted to question him because he was the only passenger booked onto the doomed flight that wasn’t on board. The Nairobi-bound Boeing 737 crashed just 6 minutes after an early-morning takeoff Sunday from Addis Ababa.

Royal Air Maroc makes first Dreamliner 787-9 operational from Boeing

First Dreamliner 787-9 has been taken by Royal Air Maroc from Boeing and it’s now operational. This machine has been introduced as a second member of super- efficient Dreamliner family to Royal Air Maroc airline’s fleet. This plane has more wide seats and more range which will help Royal Air Maroc’s international business grow faster.

Royal Air Maroc is ready to join oneworld alliance in 2020

Royal Air Maroc has decided to join oneworld alliance as a regular member. Moreover, Fiji Airways has started flying as oneworld member from today as a connect partner.